Saturday, July 7, 2012

Roberts' Court, ObamaTax, The Perfect Storm

Justice John Roberts is getting his well-earned comeuppance from myriad sources. You might be looking for my take on his decision. Good. Sometime down the road I shall surely give it.

But there is something far more urgent as a result of the Robert’s Court decision on ObamaCare, er, ObamaTax. The effect of the decision is far more critical today, and in the next few months, than the substance of it – said substance to now be subject to endless, and sometimes valuable discourse.

Roberts’ strange decision forces a political response. Casual (and lazy) critics of ObamaCare counted on the Court to throw it out. No longer. Critics who know why it is bad law, and those who are learning “what is in the bill” and discovering how bad it is, cannot hide behind the court’s robes.  

The fight over ObamaTax is in the mean streets of American politics. Everywhere present.
It is bad law. It is your duty to tell everyone why, and then make the case to throw its authors out of office. Furthermore, it is your duty to elect new officials who pledge to throw out ObamaTax, and begin the journey toward sane and sound private market health care.

The overwhelming immediate effect of the Roberts’ Court ruling on ObamaTax is simple: the voters will decide. Years from now, the courts will decide once again.

There is precedent for this, and some of you will not like what I am about to say. The 1973 Roe v. Wade decision is as much fatally flawed, created out of emanations and penumbras that never existed, as is the Roberts’ Court. Roe v. Wade set off a tsunami-powered realignment of political parties.

By the early 1980s, social conservatives had abandoned the Democratic Abortion Party for the GOP. The pro-life conservatives included millions of union workers and traditional Democrats. They threw out the progressive Republicans – as one former Minnesota Senator labels himself – and took party control. 

The Perfect Storm – movie, book, and fact – happened with three critical forces aligned themselves. We now have a Perfect Storm for political change. A renegade Court. A Social Democrat President. An unsustainable financial debt and government obligation structure.

In my opinion, the Robert’s Court set in motion what will amount to the last gasp for political freedom in the United States. This Perfect Storm will overturn the Social Democrats and their European-minded President, or the storm will peter out (like most of the global warming warnings), and we will see the end of freedom.

I bet you can’t wait, now, until I write about the decision itself. But while you are waiting, get out on the streets and campaign for candidates who believe in the United States of America, not the European Union.